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Introducing the next-generation public safety portfolio for fire & EMS
Because your immediate response is critical, you need accurate, reliable, and faster routing and dispatch.
Act faster with HxGN OnCall, the most comprehensive public safety portfolio available. HxGN OnCall helps fire and EMS agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient.

Get to know HxGN OnCall

Flexible, out-of-the-box capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, analytics, and mobility.

Agile, next-gen call-taking and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) capabilities for faster response
A single source of organizational data featuring interactive reports and dashboards
Task-focused apps to ensure safe, efficient operations in the field

“Hexagon’s solution improves our processes so we can get people the help they need, fast.”

Graeme Hubbick
Deputy Fire Chief Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The HxGN OnCall advantage

Fire-focused dispatching features, web capabilities, and an improved mobile experience for first responders.


HxGN OnCall Portfolio
HxGN OnCall Dispatch Advantage
HxGN OnCall Field Mobility
HxGN OnCall Analytics
Edmonton Fire Rescue


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1 in 9 people.

From New York to New Zealand, nearly a billion people rely on Hexagon public safety solutions. 

We're a trusted advisor.

Paving the way for map-based CAD systems since the early 1990s, Hexagon has served as a market leader and trusted partner for nearly 30 years.

We embody innovation.

We’re the first to offer fully integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to the public safety market, ensuring the best technologies are available to our customers.

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